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Fetal Medicine Focusing on Mother and Baby’s Health

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Detailed Echo,
Cardiac Structural and Functional Assessment of Fetal Heart

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Counselling for Families at Risk of Genetic Disorders

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Early Detection of Down's Syndrome and other Fetal Conditions with NT Scan

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2D/3D/4D Colour Doppler Scans

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Ambady Scan Centre was started by Dr Ambady Ramakrishnan 25 years ago. He has been focusing on helping gynaecologists save and treat pregnant mothers and their fetuses. Fetal medicine deals with the diagnosis and healthcare of pregnant women and their fetuses. For the last 2 years, Dr Shyama Devadasan, MS (OBG) who is specialized in Fetal Medicine & Genetics is also associated with Ambady Fetal and Maternity Care.

We do not disclose the gender of an unborn baby in any way, shape or form.  This is an offence under Indian law. 


Dr Ambady Ramakrishnan
MD, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Ambady Ramakrishnan is a consultant radiologist specializing in fetal medicine with more than 35 years of experience in the field of radiology.


Dr Shyama Devadasan
MS (OBG) Fetal Medicine Specialist

Dr Shyama Devadasan is currently working as a consultant in Fetal Medicine at Ambady Scan (Ambady Fetal and Maternal Care Centre).


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For genetic consulting & counseling


A pregnant lady will have to undergo three ultrasound scans during her pregnancy in normal condition.

  1. NT Scan is done between 11 weeks and 13 weeks and 6 days.
  2. An anomaly scan is done between 18 weeks-20 weeks
  3. A growth scan is done between 28 weeks -32 weeks

The typical time taken for a very early pregnancy scan is 15 minutes.

One needs to drink water and fill the bladder when coming to do an NT scan

An abdomen scan is a scanning of the abdomen (kidneys, liver, gallbladder) and urinary tract. Overnight fasting is advised for gall bladder evaluation and the other abdomen scans require 3 hours of fasting before your scan.

Ultrasound is high-frequency sound waves passed into the body to get a clear picture of the insides of our body. To date, there have been no harmful effects associated with ultrasound.

Doppler scan is used to assess the blood flow in the brain, eyes, thyroid, breast, prostate, testicles, etc. Doppler scan is also used to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Ultrasound during pregnancy is mainly done to determine the due date of the baby, to find the number of babies, growth of the baby, baby’s position, birth defects etc.

The female reproductive organ is positioned in a way that when the bladder is full the ultrasound waves pass through and provide a clear image of the organs inside. Patients are asked to come with a full bladder to get the exact image.

We always prefer our patients to take a prior appointment to do an ultrasound scan or else you may have to wait for a long time. Sometimes, the doctor may not be available and you may not have taken the necessary precautions etc. Hence, it is always a good idea to book in advance before doing an ultrasound.

Because of the baby’s position, at times the doctor will not be able to observe and examine the growth of the baby, hence the doctor will have to wait for the baby to turn around and be in a correct position suitable for scanning which might take a lot of time. It is advised to bring some snacks to eat because scanning can be a tedious and long process at times.


“Good place, doctors are very co-operative. we have to call and make an appointment a week before. Both two-wheeler and four-wheeler parking is available in the same compound. Dr Rani Menon's Eye Care Centre is also in the same compound”

Jitheesh Thilakan

“Very impressed with Ambady scans. Excellent staff and Dr Ambady was very informative and explained my doubts with empathy and made me confident about my forthcoming surgery. Very neat and clean place and you can make your appointments without any hesitation. Very impressed. Keep it up👍🏻”


“Very good experience. Dr Shyama is very polite and made us understand each and every point. Even the staff was helpful. Visit the centre without any hesitation.”

Vibin Vishwanathan