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Mr. Jackson

About Us

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

We started in a small sitting room in front of our house on a by-lane from the Kerala Varma College Road. But we had a great vision while starting. The vision was to give quality high-end technological support to the medical profession. So, from the very start, the latest technology was given priority, added with a humane touch with a great degree of compassion for the suffering.

The first ultrasound machine was a Logic 500 by GE Company. We selected this particular machine because that was the most advanced machine available in India at that time. Technology was changing very fast. So, to chase the latest technology we were forced to change the machine every 3 to 5 years even though the life of an ultrasound machine is normally 7 years. This causes a lot of economic strain. However, to be the front runner, we kept updating the machine to serve the patients with the latest technology which has got a definite advantage in the diagnostic field of medicine.  And now, we have got the GE Voluson E10 ultrasound scanner, internationally latest.

Our Commitment to Patient Care

Patients are our VIPs. We care for them. Their grief is our grief. Their happiness is our happiness. When we diagnose a severe abnormality of a baby in the mother’s womb, we understand the severe impact on the mother while we reveal this to her. We too feel sad for the parents for the tragedy which is out of our control and we take care that with our compassionate behaviour, they get over the mental trauma. Imagine if somebody told you to your face that you have got cancer and your life is limited. How can you bear it without psychological support? We care for your feelings and we share your pain. Similarly, we always share their happiness while we convey the good news to them.

We are Grateful

The doctor fraternity too helped us to sustain this institution by referring the patients. So, we are grateful to all our patients, all the doctors who supported us and all the dedicated staff of our institution in taking this institution to success.
Of course, everything happens because of the almighty God. We are always grateful to God for the strength and the opportunity to carry on

Additional Facilities Available

Biochemical tests of the pregnant lady

(Double Marker, Quadruple test and NIPT)

Chromosomal and gene studies of the fetus by Amniocentesis and CVS

Karyotyping of the parents whenever indicated

Facilities for fetal treatment

Our doctor fraternity, with their meticulous knowledge and experience and dedicated staff members, helps the patients. Our loyal patients coupled with God’s blessings helped us keep going strong over the decades.

Our scan centres are located in Thrissur and Wadakkanchery. Detailed procedures are done at Thrissur Centre. We are also the trusted partner for advanced fetal medicine diagnosis and treatment for all major hospitals in and around Thrissur.

Patients being our biggest priority, we keep updating our technologies. We now have the GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound scanner, the latest machine used internationally for scanning purposes.




We envisage a world where technology makes life easier and happier.



We commit ourselves to helping the referring doctors with accurate ultrasound reports so that the patient is taken care of in the best and most compassionate way.



We value our patients’ health and privacy and comply with our nation’s stipulations on fetal scanning and reporting. We are compassionate towards our patients and ensure their comfort during the tests and procedures.

The Way We Care

We are more than just a scan and anomaly detection centre. We treat our patients with utmost regard, care, and empathy. We help the referring gynaecologist or physician with accurate findings so that they can treat the patients in the best way. We give the pregnant lady, genetic counselling, if necessary, and advise the families of high-risk pregnancies for genetic disorders, understanding their emotional aspects. We exclude the possibilities of Down syndrome, and other chromosomal anomalies common in pregnancy. By Fetal echo, we do a detailed fetal cardiac structural and functional assessment. By doing a Fetal Neuro sonography, we pick up structural anomalies of the brain. Similarly, we study in detail all the other organs like the face, spine, abdomen, kidney, bladder and limbs.

We take care of the expectant parents throughout the pregnancy period to ensure that the mother and the child are safe and the parents are relaxed.




Dr Ambady Ramakrishnan
MD, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Ambady Ramakrishnan is a consultant radiologist specializing in fetal medicine with more than 35 years of experience in the field of radiology.


Dr Shyama Devadasan
MS (OBG) Fetal Medicine Specialist

Dr Shyama Devadasan is currently working as a consultant in Fetal Medicine at Ambady Scan (Ambady Fetal and Maternal Care Centre).