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5 reasons to not skip an ultrasound during a high-risk pregnancy

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5 reasons to not skip an ultrasound during a high-risk pregnancy

     Every pregnancy is different in its own way.All women may not be as lucky to experience a normal and smooth pregnancy. If you are a first-time expectant mother and just encountered the tormenting news of a high-risk pregnancy from your doctor, then worry not, for with the right guidance, support, and preparation the risks can be reduced, and a safe and healthy pregnancy can be ensured.

     First, we must understand the underlying factors that lead to high-risk pregnancies.

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     Risk factors that contribute towards a high-risk pregnancy


     High-risk pregnancies can result because of medical conditions or genetic issues and these may lead to complicated deliveries. They include:

  1. Maternal age – If the mother’s age is above 35, then they are likely to experience risks in pregnancy.
  2. Lifestyle – Following an unhealthy lifestyle including smoking, drinking, consuming fatty and junk food, use of other illegal substances constitutes a high-risk pregnancy.
  3. Maternal Health – If the pregnant mother is having health issues like blood pressure, lung, kidney, or heart problems, depression, PCOS, obesity, thyroid, diabetes, infections, and other blood disorders then they are likely to lead to a miscarriage or develop a high-risk pregnancy.
  4. Multiple pregnancies- Pregnancy that includes one or more fetuses is most likely to fall under the high-risk pregnancy category.
  5. The complication in pregnancy – Pregnancy can be accompanied by numerous complications which include the position of the placenta, fetal growth, blood group, etc.
  6. Pregnancy history – If you have experienced any pre-existing pregnancy issues then you are most likely to experience a recurring session in your second as well.


     Along with frequent checkups, additional blood tests and ultrasounds, may needed to monitor your pregnancy. It is a good idea to be self-aware of your condition so you will be able to take better action and precautions to ensure the health of your baby.


     What all things do an ultrasound scan show during a high-risk pregnancy?


     During a high-risk pregnancy, it is essential that you undergo an ultrasound scan to follow up and identify the following:

  1. Ectopic Pregnancy & molar pregnancy – Ectopic Pregnancy means the egg implants outside the uterus for example, in the fallopian tube. The patient may experience vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, shoulder pain, dizziness, fainting, etc. Molar pregnancy is when a fertilized egg develops into a tumor. The patient may experience vaginal bleeding, abnormal uterus size, absence of fetal movement or heartbeat, abnormal levels of pregnancy hormones, etc. An ultrasound scan can help us to identify this pregnancy complication.
  2. Position of the placenta – When the placenta completely or partially covers the cervix, it leads to a condition called placenta previa and may lead to heavy bleeding during pregnancy. Therefore, knowing the position of the placenta is essential to rule out the high risk nature of this condition.
  3. Examine the quantity of amniotic fluid – An ultrasound can assess the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus. If the amniotic fluid is less, then it can lead to reduced fetal movements. If the amniotic fluid is more, then it can be a problem with the mother’s health ( Example Diabetic Mellitus, and fetal anomalies). Hence, an ultrasound is needed to measure amount of amniotic fluid.
  4. Check the baby’s organs and bones – The ultrasound scan can measure the size of the fetus and whether the baby is growing at a normal rate. It also helps assess if the baby’s organs are developing properly or if any abnormalities have evolved.
  5. Measure the length of the cervix – The length of the cervix assesses the risk of preterm labor and therefore the pregnancy complications associated with the mother and baby by preterm birth.


     While an ultrasound can help to identify the potential risks of a high-risk pregnancy, you can make several changes in your life like shifting to a healthy lifestyle, maintaining the right body weight, treating existing health issues, planning your pregnancy before the age of 35, etc.


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