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Best Doppler scanning center in Thrissur

Best Doppler scanning centre in Thrissur

     Are you on the lookout for the best Doppler scanning centre in Thrissur? Here is some information about Doppler studies that may be helpful to you.


     The Doppler scan is a very important imaging tool used for a variety of medical studies. 

In medical treatment, the Doppler is used to detect moving particles like blood in a blood vessel. You may already be aware of Doppler studies for pregnancy. However, there are several more applications for this technology in medicine. 


     The major application of Doppler is in the study of arteries and veins of the body. Colour Doppler is the latest technology available at present, where we can see blood flow in colour (red colour for the arteries and blue colour for the veins) as well as their sound, which depicts the speed of the flow of the blood.  


   Doppler Scan Test for Arteries


     The most common arteries that are studied using Doppler Scanning are:

– Arteries of the legs

– Arteries of the arms

– Major vessels in the abdomen like the aorta and iliac

– Carotid and vertebral arteries which takes blood to the brain

– Arteries of the heart (Colour Doppler is an integral part of ultrasound scanning of the heart)

– Not so frequently, vessels going to the kidneys, the eyes, thyroid etc.


     Doppler studies are very useful in the studies of a variety of our organs. In the event of a tumour anywhere in the body, a Doppler study is important. Many times, it can help to differentiate between a cancerous or non-cancerous tumour.


     In the case of the heart, Doppler scanning can detect blockages in the blood flow. In old age, plaques are noted that can get detached, for example, in the carotid arteries which supply the brain, resulting in a stroke (brain attack). 


     Aneurysm of blood vessels, which are sac-like focal bulging of arteries (most commonly seen in the aorta) is evaluated in a colour Doppler scanning.


     Blood flow in the major incoming and outgoing vessels of the heart is studied using Doppler to determine the movement of the blood between different valves of the heart. This can detect leakages of the heart valves or narrow down of the valves etc.


     In young patients having high blood pressure, Doppler scanning of the vessels going to the kidney and blood flow within the kidney can detect the narrowing down of the renal arteries, which is the cause of the high blood pressure.


   Doppler Scanning for Veins 


     The most common application is to detect a “thrombus” – a life-threatening clot. It can get detached if not treated and go to the lungs causing severe lung failure. The clots can pass to the brain causing stroke. Occasionally, an abnormal connection between the artery and vein (AV fistula) is found and detected by a Doppler study.


   Doppler Scanning in Thrissur


     In modern times, the Doppler study is just a common extension of routine ultrasound scanning. Doing the Doppler scan test makes the investigation a complete study. It is painless and no extra preparations are required.


     Ambady Scan Centre has invested in the latest available technology ever since its inception in 1996. At that time, colour Doppler was the latest invention to reach the Indian shores, and Ambady Scan Centre was the forerunner in Thrissur to have this technology. With more than 25 years of experience and the latest technology, Ambady Scan Centre can claim to be the Best Doppler scanning centre in Thrissur


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