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5 facts to know about Fetal Echocardiogram

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5 facts to know about Fetal Echocardiogram


     Don’t be alarmed when your gynecologist prescribes you a Fetal Echocardiogram or Fetal Echo. In some cases, your gynecologist may need to check the structure and functions of the unborn baby’s heart through an ultrasound. This is called a Fetal Echocardiogram or a Fetal Echo. Most abnormalities or diseases related to the heart of the fetus can be identified with the help of a fetal echocardiogram. In this blog, we list out the five facts which you should know about fetal echocardiograms 

     1. Fetal Echo is safe

  Fetal Echocardiogram is safe, non-invasive, and uses harmless sound waves to create images of the baby’s heart. The ultrasound is usually performed by an experienced radiologist. It does not use any harmful radiation like X-ray and is perfectly safe, and painless without causing any significant risk to the unborn baby.


     2. Helps foresee future problems

  A fetal echocardiogram helps identify problems related to the baby’s heart. If the problem is identified, the parents can take the necessary action and plan ahead of the baby’s delivery. For example, a pediatric heart specialist can be on standby at the time of delivery, to take the necessary steps to take care of the baby. Most importantly, the parents will be emotionally and mentally ready to accept the situation before the mother is wheeled into the labour room. With proper guidance from the concerned doctor, problems can be addressed in the appropriate manner.


     3. When is a fetal echo done

  In the following cases shown below, a fetal echocardiogram is indicated, and should not be avoided or ignored:,

  • family history of genetic heart diseases
  • previous child was born with a heart defect
  • mother has diabetes or lupus
  • baby has any genetic disorder
  • fetal ultrasound shows irregular heartbeats 
  • screening and test results are abnormal 
  • the mother has been using alcohol or drugs during the pregnancy 
  • the mother is exposed to certain medications that cause heart defects
  • certain infections were encountered in pregnancy 



     4. Fetal Echocardiogram checks for the following 

  • Structure and function of heart
  • Valves and the four chambers
  • Rhythm of heartbeats
  • Leakages and blockages if any 
  • Diseases inside the heart like tumours
  • Fluid around the heart
  • Blood vessels entering and leaving the heart and their blood flow
  • Heart pumping abilities


     5. Be calm and listen to your doctor

  There is no need to unnecessarily worry about the scan results of a fetal echocardiogram. Many times, the result is normal even for people in higher-risk situations. Many abnormalities detected are not always life-threatening or serious and can be overcome with the help of your doctor’s guidance. If at any defect is identified, our modern technology is so advanced that we can plan and take the necessary precaution in the form of surgery or medical treatment.   


  At Ambady Scan Centre, we are proficient in handling fetal echo. We take pride in our experienced radiologists who can guide the patient and their gynecologist with our advanced imaging technology.

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